Bureau's Presidency Statement



teacher ph.d  zeyad Qasim Haneeb Al-Zaydi     

         The Secretary-general


University libraries in international universities are a fundamental pillar of university education, as they are closely linked to students in addition to providing resources for scientific research. Therefore, in order to develop the performance of the central library in our university and restore its position among students, teachers and researchers, we have been keen to apply modern methods of electronic services, office systems and service provision. Advanced technology for students, teachers and researchers in a way that keeps pace with the developments of the times, whether in research or technological fields, or through support with materials and training, as well as sober resources. The University of Technology, represented by its honorable leadership and scientific cadres, was keen to provide the requirements for the success of the Central Library, believing in the importance of science and knowledge in building the nation and making the contemporary mind of the Iraqi people and building a cohesive, effective society capable of advancement and development. The Secretary General of the Central Library and its cadres were keen to extend bridges of communication with students, faculty, researchers, partners and local and international friends, to provide the latest sources of knowledge, including books, periodicals, references, and university letters electronically, and to provide scholars and beneficiaries with them, in addition to creating a suitable environment for a distinct study environment.