Bureau's Presidency Statement


assistant lecturer Nihaya Mohammed Abd Ali

         The Secretary-general


The Central Library was founded in 1975 with the founding of the university and a specialized library of science and technology. several challenges facing our libraries are in the forefront of the rapid growth of a large diversity of theoretical and applied knowledge of contemporary trends that reflect the transformation of the humanitarian community to the "information society" and in the framework of the unremitting efforts of the Technological University in the development of scientific movement and enrich the central library with everything new and beneficial in various engineering and scientific knowledge in opening new outlets of different sources of information to all of the students and professors of user reserchers providing modern patrols paper and digital books using parts of the Central Library Digital Library Electronic Library specialized in addition to the use of the virtual library.

 The Central Library provided modern services from the catalog to inform electronic calculator with the secondment of digital books but fervently hopes that accept their users and be rich brick in the edifice of the cultural and scientific achievements of the Technological University of the attention now being 5,797,935 applications of information technology, particularly the shift in the Central Library at the University of from technology information facilities in the digital environment which was admitted to be a "digital libraries" in terms of the nature of the sources of the information which is available and the role of the operations and activities of the beneficiaries and to reber services directly and indirectly through digital electronic means .thus, the digital divide is present and home management future also now under the spread of the Internet, multiple Bioinsecticides and still the central library at the University of Technology is the first pioneering which displays data base thesis communications for Students Our university on the site of the university in the Beloved Central Library field and facilitates retrieval of data through the student's name, address or the year in addition to the extract of those messages with the possibility of the supply of the full text in electronic form through the provision of the service Contact us on the site for all beneficiaries in all parts of the world