Current briefing

The Secretariat was to continue the central library with all the members of the Technological University of researchers, professors and students have an important role in the elaboration of methodologies for ongoing work to prepare for the briefing and implementation in accordance with the needs of the research, and to conduct the annual inventory of books obtained by the Central Library annually by another, as this requires reliance on standard formulas with specific methodology in order sources in this service.

Know this service which is called other names as well as the current briefing current awarenesas is quick information express information or early warning to early warning or closer definitions annotated documentation. It means that there are multiple labels is the definition and knowledge of recent developments in the branch of knowledge in the light of the interests of the specialists and researchers and other users. They provide an opportunity to pursue the beneficiaries end products related to the areas of intellectual interest, also known as the review of the documentation systems and the selection of appropriate materials newly available to the needs of the individual or group recording until you can send notifications to individuals or groups of concern. And this service is found to contribute to the exploitation of the time and effort and speed required to inform beneficiaries mired to the library of the new sources of information if received so that access to and utilization of and places of their existence and the other researchers in the field of specialization may be of interest to those beneficiaries who have been distributed those leaflets, which consequently lead to the strengthening of confidence and the relationship between the beneficiary and the library in the perpetuation of joint action among them. The objective of this service is to provide information to a group of individuals as members of an institution or the members of the teaching staff at the university and is addressed to a group of individuals rather than an individual one.

The briefing was arranged ongoing bulletin order similar topics close to each, according to dewey classification.

We offer the service of ongoing briefing to emphasize the importance of the linkage between the beneficiary and the writers, and the search for policies to raise the level of the use of modern technologies in the field of libraries and information by providing an electronic copy with the paper version to raise the performance level achieved in the field of information technology for the preparation of the current briefing   click here