Authoring, translating and supporting books

Authorship , Consolidation and , Translation of Books

Below is the Secretariat of the Council of University Book No. EM / 20 / 76 in 10/2/2010 which was circulated to the university departments and research centers

To regulate the process of authoring and translation, and consolidation of textbooks, we would like to inform you that when editing and translating textbooks, you can go to the instructions of (32) for the year (1990), which contains the conditions and requirements of authorship and translation of textbooks. For assistance and other books the author can go back to the instructions number (51) for the year (1992) revised with the instructions number (76) for the year 1994
With regard to the scientific ranks that participate in the preparation of textbooks instruction number (32) for the year (1990) listed that not less than an assistant professor rank can participate in the preparation of assistant books but the participation of those who are less than assistant professor is possible with reference to professors and assistant professors, and it can be consoled under the construction no. (51) for  the year (1992) mentioned above