Scientific Visits Central Library

13 December 2017
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Scientific Visits Central Library

The laser systems and Electronics Engineering Department of optical technological university students of the first stage and the representative of the Section Dr. Suad Mahmoud Kazem on 22-23 (10 / 2017 A Scientific visit to the honesty of the central library of the General Assembly

The visit has started to receive them and welcomed them from the management of the library and escort by the technical staff of my office to familiarize them with the library of valuable books and magazines and periodicals and references, students have been defined in such a way search for books and resources needed by researchers, visitors, the library, where the library contains many of the computers through which the search is conducted electronically and quickly simplified

At the end of the visit, the students expressed their admiration for including the contents of the Library of valuable books and references, as well as easy access to the required book and easy METAPHOR

on this occasion invites the secretariat of the central library and all scientific and engineering departments in the University to organize the office visits the central library for the purpose of providing general information to students to enable them to follow-up the developments of knowledge in the various fields of development and the desire of the Read and the student