Vision & Objectives



That the library the pot whole renewed knowledge, science and scientific research.


The letter

Provide and facilitate access to the necessary information services for purposes of education and scientific research featured through ماتحويه library of knowledge and sources of information containers of various types and forms to serve the individual and society.



  1. The continuous supply of central library and libraries and sources of information needed by sections

The members of the teaching staff and the students, researchers, and providing follow-up to the events.


  1. The development of desktop systems in line with the recent developments in the field of libraries and information services.


  1. Facilitate the office services to all beneficiaries of the affiliates of the university and outside them

Access to Sources and References books best ways.


  1. Create the proper climate within the library for study and research.


  1. The continuous development for the central library.


  1. Cooperation with information facilities and colleges and the relevant authorities.


  1. Cooperation with their counterparts in other universities and also the role of the publication and distribution.
  2. To contribute to the service of society through partnerships the university represented the Central Library Affiliates

In the scientific activities and events of the relationship.


  1. open the channels of communication and partnerships with national and global libraries through the Communication Service

In the site of the Central Library and through e-mail to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.